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As a business solutions architect, I specialize in designing and implementing enterprise-level solutions that optimize your business processes and improve your bottom line. I work closely with your team to understand your unique needs and develop a customized strategy that aligns with your business goals.Whether you need to streamline your operations, enhance your customer experience, or reduce costs, I can help you achieve your objectives and stay ahead of the competition. Contact me today to learn more about my services and how I can help your business succeed.


Menilik Lemma


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5 Years Job


10+ Projects


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My Education

2013 - 2017

Virginia Tech

Business Info Technology

Decision Support Systems


Digital Strategist

Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Conducted research and analysis on emerging technology trends for a strategic artifact
  • Articulated the envisioned long-range target enterprise architecture infrastructure
  • Directed activities designed to strengthen compliance by identifying taxpayers account, refund, and notice inquiries
  • Scoped and created strategic communication deliverables for IRS senior leadership articulating the importance of collaboration and engagement between the Business and IT units of the IRS
  • Articulated potential impacts to the IRS IT Organization to IRS senior leadership stemming from legislative mandates such as the Taxpayer First Act (TFA), Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA), and 508 Compliance
  • Advised clients on emerging technologies, including Cloud, Data Strategy, Robotic Process Automation, NextGen Infrastructure, and Enterprise Architecture
  • Maintained responsibility for leading tasks and small teams and collaborating with colleagues from diverse teams and markets in support of IT strategic planning, IT policy, data and information management, IT industry research, and Organization Change Management

Business Analyst

Buchanan & Edwards
  • Assisted in the 2 year process of the USDA’s 1 COTS migration to facilitate business & data center value
  • Lead and execute a cloud first mind set helping customers realize the impact of a cloud based architectures
  • Monitored clearly defined key performance indicators for all Technical and Services Operations
  • Facilitated customer needs by insuring contract funding for committed products and services
  • Discussed cost benefit analysis and action plans at partner company meetings with a passion for cloud
  • Documented innovative cloud architectures, technical design, and data analysis
  • Inspected 1000+ contracting documents and invoices to confirm data synchronization across IT cloud systems. Consulting experience
  • Managed High Quality assurance metrics for performance improvements within overall project
  • Performed regression and functional testing for the past 12 IAS releases for architecture integrity
  • Creating, building, educating, training and designing cloud computing architectures
  • Prepared and presented technical presentations to Department Staff as a Subject Matter Expert
  • Developed a knowledge sharing strategy, edited, and published new content through SharePoint
  • Resolved complex technical problems at a pre- or post-sales/acquisition level
  • Interfaced with multiple USDA customers to establish a reliable relationship through mentorship
  • Received the Employee of the Month Award for work place enthusiasm 3 times

Tech Support

Information Tech Service Unit
  • Assisted dedicated team members in the analysis, development and delivery of all tech / software support and project work for assigned computer applications
  • Provided technical consulting on complex hardware and software issues
  • Supported 100+ end users via phone, e-mail, remote access, and in person to promptly resolve technical and software issues to meet resolution time targets
  • Maintained, cleaned, and organized a warehouse filled with 500+ computers to deliver inventory for sales
  • Adopted leadership role to delegate sys admin duties to new work study employees